Friday, January 19, 2018

Talkin' Trash

It's Gomi-Man! Cube's colossal trash monster is stinking up the dance floor as our final Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy boss reveal. There are more bosses beyond this smelly battle, but they're going to be a surprise!

Game design by Paul Harrington. Graphics by Soda_piggy.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Name That Kaiju!

This is the last Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy boss we're going to reveal, the rest will be a surprise! This guy, he's a gross guy. Real gross. Just disgusting. Come back Friday to see who it is!

Game design by Paul Harrington. Graphics by Soda_piggy.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Now Entering the Ring

Listen up! New year, new Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy music. If you've played the demo you might recognize this one from the game's "What is Kaiju?" introduction scene.

Game design by Paul Harrington. Music by Glock & mr8bit.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


I've mentioned before that adopting cats is a major side quest in Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy, but it's important to acknowledge the other animals in the game. You can't let these wild animals into your home, but they're very friendly! Except for that crocodile. He's up to something shady, I bet.

Game design by Paul Harrington. Graphics by Soda_piggy.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Onward to 2018!

2017's almost over! We're getting the party started a little early here, because who isn't ready to leave 2017 behind?

State of the Kaiju

Lots has happened in the world of Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy this year. Let's take a look back!

What happened:

At the end of March, we successfully made it through Steam Greenlight's community approval process! Of course, the program died shortly after. But hey, it was an accomplishment at the time!

In April, I was interviewed by Game Warp. We talked about Kaiju, C. Kane, and more! Check it out, it's a fun interview!

• Kaiju Big Battel performed at TwitchCon 2017 and Fighto Fantasy made an appearance, complete with a full-size arcade cabinet replica featuring art designed by Soda Piggy!

• A new Fighto Fantasy trailer debuted at TwitchCon.

• In November, a playable demo for Windows was released on Steam.

What didn't:

• Fighto Fantasy was not released when I'd hoped it would be! Many factors at play here, with everyone on the team underestimating how much time a project of this scale would take, especially when we've all got day jobs/families. Development continues, with an unspecified 2018 release date on the horizon. It's better for the game to be as good as it possibly can be than for it to be rushed. At least we didn't burn through Kickstarter money or anything!

Who Are We?

The team behind Fighto Fantasy is Super Walrus Games. We're just a tiny handful of dudes making games and having a good time. Let's learn about each other!

Paul Harrington -

My name's Paul and I'm the writer, director, and designer of Fighto Fantasy. I run this blog and the Super Walrus Games Facebook page. I've been working on games as a hobby since 1998, when I started making Walthros. When I'm not working on games, I write film and game reviews and criticism on Wobble Reviews. I'm a film and fish tank enthusiast with a love of gaudy neon. In 1992, I drew a goofy comic about a hungry, grouchy fish named Bob Surlaw who has since gone on to star in his own video games, court-room drama, and political campaign. Bob even wrote his own autobiography!

Soda Piggy (W. James Pandelis) -

Fighto Fantasy's pixel artist, Soda Piggy also helps come up with game design ideas and provides coding assistance. He is primarily a freelance graphic artist and composer and has a fire for working on retro-style games, like this one, and has a good knowledge of old gaming systems' art. When he's not working on games, he is playing them, and always looking for new inspiration. He maintains the game's Twitter account.

Glock & mr8bit -

The musicians behind Fighto Fantasy and other Super Walrus Games titles. Glock and mr8bit first found fame busking outside of the graveyard in the small town of Union, Connecticut. Through a series of increasingly-unlikely events, they embarked on a whirlwind tour of America, culminating in a police chase through the winding hills of San Francisco. While serving time in federal prison, Glock spent his days power lifting weights while mr8bit spent his days mostly crying and eating paper towels. Upon their release, the pair used their new cache of street cred to rise through the ranks of the Mullido Diablos cartel, ultimately transforming the organization from a ruthless drug syndicate into a profitable textile distributor. Satisfied with their accomplishments and not wanting for money, they returned to their first love: music. They have produced several wildly successful soundtracks for several wildly successful games that have since become household names for people who aren't squares. They continue to be true titans of the industry, yet have somehow managed to remain humble despite all of their awesome achievements that will never be duplicated by anyone ever throughout the entire history of the universe.

James Paige and Ralph Versteegen -

James & Ralph are the developers of the OHRRPGCE (Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Construction Engine), along with Mike, Simon, Jay, Yuriy and yet more contributors.

James lurks in California with his lovely family. He enjoys making games just a tiny bit more than he enjoys playing them, and he enjoys fixing bugs just a tiny bit more than he enjoys creating new

Ralph spends much too much time chasing escapee sheep back into their paddocks and growing exotics on a small farm in New Zealand. When he's not farming or working on the OHRRPGCE or a dozen other projects simultaneously he's meant to be completing his graduate studies in pattern recognition.

What's Next?

Keep checking back here, on Twitter, and on Facebook for weekly updates! You can follow the game's development bit by bit as we reveal new characters, songs, locations, and more. Thank you to everyone who's stuck by us in spite of the delays! Have a good New Year's, and watch out for monsters.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Demon on the Dance Floor

We all know monsters love stomping through the city, but you know what else they love? Sleazy nightclubs. Purple rugs, velvet curtains? You can bet that's going to attract a giant monster or two. Here we see the Kaiju Big Battel: Fighto Fantasy heroes up against a mystery foe. This silhouette looks oddly familiar! What's going on here?!

Game design by Paul Harrington. Graphics by Soda_piggy.